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What are the differences between ceiling fan and wall fan

Richy, as a ceiling fan and wall fan wholesaler, states the differences between ceiling fans and wall fans:

Ceiling fans are generally fixedly mounted on the ceiling that has a good cooling effect. The differences between the ceiling fan and wall mountable fan are in the installation method and function properties and the scope of use.

The general installation method of the ceiling fan is: After the ceiling fan is fixed in the ceiling, the fire line of the power grid is connected to one end of the ceiling fan governor, and one line of the fan is connected to the other end of the governor, and the neutral line is straight. (ie, the zero line is connected to the fan).

wall fan and ceiling fan

Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans with 3 blades are widely used. They can be generally divided into industrial ceiling fans and decorative ceiling fans (known abroad as ceiling fan lamps). Most domestic households use powerful fans for home and factories use a portable ceiling fan.

The main size of the ceiling fan is 1050mm, 1200mm, 1400mm (900mm and 1500mm household fans are rare in the domestic market).

Wall fans

Wall fans refer to hanging fans wall mount, which saves space. It is characterized by convenience, practicality, and beauty. The wall fans are divided into two types: directional wall fans and steering wall fans. The steering wall fans can sway its head, and the air blowing range is wide and the wind power is strong. Wall fans are mostly used in canteens, restaurants, factories and other places.

The wall mountable fan is one of the necessary appliances for the family. It can bring coolness to people. It can also be used to decorate the room. It is beautiful and practical.

The choice of ceiling fans or wall mounted cooling fans requires attention to the use of objects and the use of the environment. In general, larger spaces such as schools can choose ceiling fans, while wall fans are more suitable for use in some small spaces such as restaurants. In addition, Richy electric fan supplier explains that wall fans are airier, so the smaller ceiling fans will be more suitable for the elderly and children, but both fans can be selected according to personal preferences and needs.

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