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Electric Fans are Advertising Natural Wind, Its Benefits You Do Not Know?

Food, to natural pollution-free; Actors, acting to be natural; Talk naturally... The wind of nature is becoming more and more intense, as the saying goes, the more natural the more vivid, electric fan also should follow the trend of course, each big electric fan brand will "natural wind" the strong selling point of his product.


Traditional electric fans, because of the large wind feeling stiff body, a wind power for long, extremely easy to cause human body unwell, which in turn causes colds, stroke and other people's "fan", once has been rejected, in order to overcome the shortboard, a place in the market, electric fans continue to improve, a demand of the function of the "natural" joint human body, once launched, the harvest of "die-hard powder".

Why does "natural wind" become the general trend of electric radiator fan? How does it differ from the wind blown by a traditional electric cooling fan? Just look at the comparison. Natural wind is formed due to the partial pressure difference, the hot weather people feel the wind blows from a region of low temperature, so cool will be more refreshing, and traditional electric fan wind with mechanical strength will be pushed to the front, air gas, sweat will be blown into the pores, and lead to poor sweat, sweat evaporation after completely, it is hard to feel the heat, which is why it is often said that "the more fan blowing the feel cool".


Natural wind is blown by open-air hollows place commonly come, bring the fresh air that contains more negative oxygen ion, and the human body heat that fan blower takes away grows time to circulate in indoor, can promote indoor temperature instead; "Cool wind stroke a face" those who say is the turbulent form of natural wind, the right pose that blows windway that blows pore so just is scorching summer drops in temperature, and when traditional electric fan is adjusted greatly, blow the moisture that can take away human body table for long to achieve drop in temperature effect.

Nowadays the electric fan automotive that publicizes "natural wind" went up and down in wind quantity, direction, temperature sufficient kungfu. In order to let wind downier, dc frequency conversion motor, let the gentle wind refreshing, in addition, there is a kind of design can also let instantly became the personification of the gentle wind, that is the structure of the design of the double blade, can produce two different speed of the wind to produce wind speed difference, the collision, the hard wind break up, forming a natural wind after diffusion, at the same time, after the break up of the wind will be evenly spread, get rid of the past "means which play which" blowing, up and down and let the wind diffusion, dc frequency conversion motor will be the gentle wind to the distance, so, he reached the range larger, more downy, similar to the effect of natural wind.

Ceilne Fan

There is a growing market in recent years, we have found seven hakaze fan, five leaves, it is also close to natural wind, the more fan blades, can put the "wind" cut into smaller pieces, blow out more soft, of course, from the point of view of noise, 3 leaf fan single leaf width, turns the single leaf in the face of the air force is large, the vortex intensity is big, lead to the sound of the bigger also. A five-blade or seven-blade fan, on the other hand, has a narrower blade surface. As it rotates, a single blade exerts less force on the air and generates less turbulence, so it makes less noise.

Indoor air circulation is also an urgent problem for traditional best electric fans after the wind is gentle. Fortunately, the air circulation fan has successfully overcome this difficulty. Air circulation fan can let the wind blow out along a certain direction, spiral, with the blade agitation, make indoor air form convection circle, finally forms the spiral column, wind blown out air circulation fan distance is far and has good directionality, like the wind and the surrounding air interface is larger, the surrounding air break up, can effectively help more air in indoor air circulation.