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As time goes by, society gets diversification. Many family facilities enter our life. However the basic things are still those species things: TV, air cooler, kitchen ware, bathroom accessories.

For a family of three, Pinch pennies is the main theme. How can we enjoy a better life while paying an attention to the money. Today the air cooler plays an important role in our life. There’s no much better than a Chill and warm dual purpose of air condition for family using.

Every coin has two sides. Traditional air condition is limited to the installation method. Usual, air condition must be installed on the wall, it means the cool air or warm air can be spread in a fixed space such as living room or bedroom.

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Nowadays, Richy newest movable air condition coming. Movable air condition breaks through the shackles of installation and applying environment. A016-09KR-B1 is applied high efficient compressor, operate steady. Supplying both warm and cool air, it always makes you comfortable in four seasons.

With 4 Omni-directional wheels, A011-12KRH-A1 is adapted to anywhere like living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, meeting room etc. Air flow spread well-proportioned by durable air deflector, high precision wheel gear with high quality lubricating oil.

Smart and convenience will be next main direct. Remote Engine-start is applied in many field, thus Richy A016-09KR-B1 is also support WIFI remote control. You can easily check the air condition status and adjust it by APP.

No worries in the four seasons, enjoy a smart and comfortable life with Richy A016-09KR-B1.