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How Does the Ceiling Fan Create Air Flow?

Many households or restaurants in school, or general hotels, install house richy ceiling fans to achieve the goal of air circulation and reduce the temperature of people's body surface. Then, what kind of structure does the royal ceiling fans have and what kind of working principle  enable it to have the above functions? And why?

electric royal ceiling fans

Ceiling fan blade has a small degree of curvature, which is difficult to see. You can find a small pedestal fan, such as a CPU cooling fan, a lucky fan, a toy fan for children, and so on. You can look at the fan blades of the fan. It is not completely leveled with the ground. One side is relatively tilted and one side is relatively concave. If the fan can work, turn it around and you can see that the fan is turning toward the concave side of the blade. At this time, if your fan is the best air fans or DC fan, you can exchange the positive and negative poles of the power supply and let the fan In the opposite direction, that is, the blade is tilted up and turned. At this point the fan became sucked.

Although the fan blade of the luxury ceiling fans is not obviously lifted, it can blow a lot of wind because of its high speed and large area. This leads to the conclusion that if the fan rotates in the direction of the concave side of the blade, then the wind can be blown out, and if it is in the opposite direction, it is sucked.

richy luxury ceiling fan

 The fan blade has an angle with the axial direction and the radial direction. When rotating, a mechanical force "wedges" into the air molecular group, pushing the air to move toward the normal direction of the concave surface of the blade, and because the fan's blade has a curved shape, the driven wind flow carries vortex, making it more powerful.

One blade forms a relatively independent airflow, and the airflow is strongest at the geometric center of the blade. Therefore, the center of the fan (the position of the shaft) is not airflow or the airflow is small. As the airflow spreads, the wind tends to be uniform and weak.

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