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Can we reduce the air coolers’ plastic fan noise

The small household fan is preferably a silent air fan to many. The panasonic wall fan price list are available online if you intend to buy one. The small square fan is equipped with special bird-wing blades to generate a swirling airflow. It adopts DC motor without protective cover, which is very suitable for use in places with a microcomputer, word processor and copier.


So how do electric fan suppliers clear the noise?

First, lubricate fan's bearings

The most important part of fan transport is the bearing, which lacks lubricating oil for a long time, so that noise is generated when rotating at high speed. Therefore, electric fan manufacturer only needs to drop a few drops of lubricant on the fan bearing, if not using a sewing machine. However, be careful not to use cooking oil instead, because the particles are relatively large and it is easy to damage the bearing.

Second, fix fan's blades

Vibration noise is also an important part of fan noise. Because the looseness of the blade on the bearing and the wear of the bearing cause the gap to become larger, it is only necessary to remove the fan and tighten the screw so that it will not be fixed. Shake again.

Third, polish fan's blades

In addition, try to avoid using a poor quality cooling fan because there are process defects in the production of such fans, the center of gravity of the fan blade may not be on the axis, forming an "eccentric", which will get more and more serious after a long time use. It not only produces noise but also seriously damage the CPU. In this regard, it can be removed altogether, and then hung it in the center position with a thin wire. After it is still, looks at which side it sinks, and grind the sinking end on the grinding wheel for a few times, then test it. Wait until the fan is in a horizontal position before installing it.

These quiet indoor fans are the best portable fan for bedroom and the best air cooler products for home.